Registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860 in December 2005, Foundation for Social Transformation – enabling North East India (FST), is a community based indigenous philanthropic organisation operating primarily in the seven sister states of the easternmost part of India commonly called the north east region (NER).

The conceptualization and eventual emergence of FST as an indigenous philanthropic organization of North East India was facilitated by the North East Network (NEN), a leading rights based organisation, through an exploratory project. A Planning Committee was constituted with likeminded members of the civil society from each of NER’s seven sister states. Having recognised the need for an indigenous grants making organisation in the region committed towards fostering positive social transformation by enabling innovative and creative grass roots initiatives from within, the committee deliberated intensively on the nature and form of such an organisation including its vision, mission, structure & jurisdiction, areas of activities, sources and modus of funding amongst others, leading ultimately to the emergence of FST as it stands today.

Perhaps the only organisation of its kind in the entire NE region, FST was initially seed funded by an international donor organization of repute with two years’ composite fund for Institutional and grant making support; and the organization embarked into direct grants making operation from the Financial Year 2008-9. Reaching out to the hitherto unreached through a well laid process of judicious selection, FST had been able to finance innovative projects in all thematic areas, both through organizational grants and individual fellowships with far reaching development implications.


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