Bridging The Gaps

There are several myths prevalent in our societies where the persons with disabilities are refrained from the sexual rights due to their inability to voice their opinions. One such is the deprivation of sexual expressions of the people with disabilities. In public discourse despite existing legislation, anything related to the word “sex” is still considered a taboo by many. In Northeast India the issue pertaining to this is yet to figure in mainstream discussions even among the able non-disabled youth.

Now the question is how to build a bridge to this tapped mentality. How to provide support to people with disability (PwDs) , how to bridge the gaps of differences and to educate them about their own Sexual Health and Sexual Rights (SHSR). Clearly it is a need of the hour for some accurate information for PwDs to make informed decisions and choices about their sexual behaviour. When we preach our rights and choices on any medium of our preference, isn’t it fair to disperse the rights of the ones who need them in the true sense.

With such a bold initiative on comprehensive sexuality education for the Youth with disabilities, Northeast’s indigenous philanthropic organisation Foundation for Social Transformation better known as FST is trying to take up this challenge to scrape out the stereotypes associated with SHSR and disability. FST is doing this by conducting time to time interface with young people with disability, their parents, teachers, caregivers and NGO workers imparting education to them.  It is particularly challenging for youth with disabilities to develop a healthy sexuality in the face of such barriers. By such steps we can really look forward to foster equality in its true sense.

FST has time and again come forward to support the rights and challenges of the youth with disabilities with the help of several groups and institutions like Sanjeevani, Sishu Sarothi etc to be a part of our change making process.


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