The Change is Here

It is often said that the children are the future of tomorrow. They are the pillars of building a strong nation. Every day we come up with numerous jargons on social media about revolutionising the changes of the on-going system. But trapped in the multiplicity of culture, societal hiccups, socio political issues.

Be it environment, human health, hygiene or any such issues of alarming interest is often neglected by us. The reason being we object it but we are not ready to correct it. We make our children learn about the heinous crimes around the world, the rising pollution levels and diverse issues but fail to initiate ourselves to change a bit.

So here in FST we are trying to bring in to the limelight the everyday issues which are causing life hazards to many of us. With the participatory workshops with the help of school students, talks and seminars we are trying it out to bring the change in ourselves by being an example of doers rather than preachers believing in the quote

“Awake, Arise and Stop Not Till The Goal is Reached”


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