A dream to the destination

Education is no more a privilege but a necessity to build up a nation. To empower oneself and rightfully to be a part of the system of change, revival it is a need of the hour to strengthen our grassroots.

Children who are the harbingers of development and they rightly deserves education at the first place. But while mapping the geographics of the country, we can see while the urban dwellers are receiving the best quality education other remote areas of northeast india till today are just dreaming of an ideal school.

Umsawwar – a small village located in East Khasi hills of Meghalaya is saturated with agriculture based shepherd community whose principle livelihood is making can and bamboo sticks and animal rearing. The concept of a model school is a distant dream to them till date, when a man named Prince Thangkhiew, a resident of the same area took the efforts to setting up a village school for providing elementary education to the small children of these shepherd communities.

As Prince said “Earlier the school in the village would begin around 6 in the morning but with the advent of SSA, the school in Umsawwar village begins around 9 am. In the beginning everything was going great with the new arrangement. All were so happy because education was being freely received. The agency implementing SSA was also happy because it was running successfully. The problem started to show only when most of the parents of the school-going children started to withdrew one/two of their children from school or when they barred one/two of their children from going to school I sincerely understand their situation therefore I don’t blame this lot of parents. The parents preferred grazing of their cows and sheep to their children’s education. Timely feeding of their cows and sheep is far more important than their children’s education.”

Thus there was the primary requirement of modifying this entire school to facilitate its smooth working. As result of this foundation for Social Transformation – enabling North East India (FST) a community based indigenous philanthropic organisation supported the dreams of this visionary which resulted in the establishment of “Lynti Khasi School. Even though the school is marching to be at per with the other counterparts with teaching aids, amenities, sanitation facilities etc. due to the unavailability of modern methods of teaching the school is yet to grow on a large scale. As Foundation for Social Transformation is making efforts to combat these loopholes by providing the basic amenities of quality based education for the budding children with appropriate sanitation facilities and teaching aids with a mission to uplift the future youths of the community in order to foster development in the long run and at the same time enable them to help their parents gaze the cattles and thus providing support both ways.


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