The other home

The idea of shelter homes for women still grapples with much prejudice along its poignant manifestation. Society seems to judge the moral values when a woman is found to seek a shelter other than her family home. Who are those women looking for the other home or are these homes really set up for providing... Continue Reading →

An insight on the Vulnerability of Women Tea Garden Workers

There was a time when I often came across the notion of being ‘privileged’ for either owning a tea-garden or having had fresh processed tea right from the processing centre. Everyone surrounding me - my family members, relatives, acquaintances used to take pride in drinking tea from one of the known tea-estates and being a... Continue Reading →

Searching for Space

 By Janelle Funtanilla  Back in the middle of October, I began doing field work for my project with the Foundation for Social Transformation: Enabling Northeast India (FST) in Guwahati, Assam. As part of my work plan, 100 surveys would need to be administered, interviews from girls in both the school and community completed and analyzed by the... Continue Reading →

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