Searching for Space

 By Janelle Funtanilla  Back in the middle of October, I began doing field work for my project with the Foundation for Social Transformation: Enabling Northeast India (FST) in Guwahati, Assam. As part of my work plan, 100 surveys would need to be administered, interviews from girls in both the school and community completed and analyzed by the…

Intern Speaks by Avantika

Here is tell tale of vivid experiences of her internship with our organisation by Avantika Srivastava from Ramjas College, Delhi University. 

Community Philanthropy: By the community, for the community

In the context of Indian society one would often see communities engaging in collective work for infrastructural development of their own place. Collective work for development is one of the ways to meet the need of infrastructural development of a community. Shramdaan is broadly related to the concept of collective work for infrastructural development at…

A Bit More of Northeast India

When we talk about Northeast India, it’s indeed an abode of red river and blue hills, land of diversity with exotic flora and fauna, a fine blend of rural and urban life setting, technological innovations, multi linguistic culture and heritage and much more. On this World Environment Day, 2017 let us know a bit more…

Youth Brigade of Change and Our Leadership Mantras

Youth – the visionaries of a growing nation who have the capability to bring in a change in all dimensions. With easily accessible linkage to technology, machinery, equipment, resources change and innovation is just a click away. But despite of these changing sequences one thing which remains the same is Human Mind and its expertise….

Bridging The Gaps

Bringing the shackles of tapped thinking to be a part of a wider world of equality

5 Ways to Understand Your “SELF”

Many a times in life we encounter an identity crisis to understand oneself. Until you realize what is your true self, you believe yourself to be the name that has been attached you in the form of a brother, sister, husband, wife and other such relations we form in our lives. And these vivid relations…